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As a boy, Skip Lineberg grew up in and around radio. In the late Seventies, his mom worked in the business office of his hometown AM station. He would beg to go to work with his mom so he could hang out (very quietly) with the DJs in the broadcast studio. He’d spend equal hours in the advertising studio, reading carbons of ad copy and watching voice talent cut :15 and :30 spots. Skip would often head home with armloads of discarded 45s—plus the LP box set of last week’s countdown show – “American Top 40” featuring Kasey Casem.

From those days in the radio station, it’s not hard to envision him later launching and building an ad agency. That’s precisely what he did from 2001 to 2010, as chief creative officer of Maple Creative. But that came after a detour in engineering. Right brain. Left brain. Right brain.

Fast forward five years. Skip had never listened to a podcast, much less toyed with the notion of hosting one professionally. But in February 2015, launching and hosting “Gain Your Edge Podcast” was the first assignment he received upon joining Frontier Communications, a telecommunications technology corporation. “Welcome aboard. And we are recording live!”

Hosting a national B2B tech podcast was the spark. Six years later the flame of podcasting burns brighter than ever, fueled by Skip’s intense passion for his craft. After three seasons with Frontier, Skip landed a prime gig with publishing giant Harper Collins as host of its “Leadership Essentials Podcast.”

His latest venture is one he calls his passion project. “The Main Thing Podcast” is a short-format, nine minute dose of wisdom. Skip intends to convert his passion into his full-time profession.

With 135 published episodes so far, it’s fair to say Skip is hooked on hosting podcasts.

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Skip Lineberg, Show Host

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