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How much time each week do you spend working to improve your mindset?

The mission of The Main Thing Podcast is to help people get better at life. And we believe that we can all get better at life, ourselves included. Our podcast is a delivery system for 9-minute doses of wisdom, gleaned from the wisest people we know.

The stories, ideas, facts and theories shared by our wise guests often lead to ‘Aha Moments.’ These micro victories are vital. They help us get unstuck. Or provide inspiration. These wisdom nuggets help us to elevate our thinking, perhaps gaining a new perspective or sparking a new insight. Often, our short episodes serve to reinforce or remind us of simple truths that we’ve forgotten or buried amidst the busyness of launching, growing or running a business.

Who will you hear from? Our guests range from entreprenueurs and founders to poets, priests and politicians. Throw in a few athletes and actors, too. All bring platinum nuggets of wisdom to help you elevate your mental game.

Commit, right now, to improving your mental game. Below, you’ll find a great starting point.

Three Episodes for You to Sample

Click on the episode thumbnail below to listen.

Tom Peters is a global leading management consultant, business reformer and author.  He has written and published 22 book in his distinguished career, including “In Search of Excellence” and “Re-Imagine.” Episode length: 16 mins.

Kara Goldin is the founder and CEO of Hint, a dynamic new beverage and health brand. She’s author of the book, “Undaunted” and host of the podcast “The Kara Goldin Show.” Episode length: 14 mins.

Dr. Clayman is a clinical and forensic psychologist and founding partner of Clayman & Associates. He has been an active participant and mentor in the WV Entrepreneurial League System. Episode duration: 11 minutes.

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