Episode 88 – Tom Minturn shares practical Wisdom for Leaders

Our special guest, Tom Minturn, is incredibly wise and one of the most generous people I’ve ever known. In this episode, you will get practical wisdom you can apply immediately to enhance your leadership skills.

Tom grew up in the mountains of West Virginia, as the son of a pastor. An athlete, he played basketball in high school and college. He earned his master’s degree from Liberty University.

Tom Minturn began his career with Chick-fil-A in 2000 in Lynchburg, VA. He worked his way up in the corporation through experiences in CO and OH before taking ownership of his first restaurant in 2006 in Columbus. In 2011, Tom moved back to WV to take ownership of the Chick-Fil-A store in Southridge area of Charleston.

In his spare time, Tom enjoys reading, running, working out and watching sports, especially college basketball and football. Tom, his wife Jen and their two daughters reside in Charleston, WV.

Over the next 9 minutes, you’ll discover why Tom Minturn is one of the wisest people I know.


Tom’s Chick-Fil-A website

Tom Minturn on LinkedIn

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Content You’ll Love in This Episode

[0:02:07] – Brief bio for Tom Minturn

[0:03:20] – Opening dialog; the meaning behind “My pleasure”

[0:04:21] – Tom’s generosity and its roots

[0:05:56] – Having a day of reflection; building margin into the week

[0:07:16] – Opportunity for you to keep the pipeline of wisdom flowing 

[0:08:24] – Tom shares his Main Thing wisdom lesson

[0:09:34] – How to have a feedback conversation

[0:10:01] – The expectations we place upon ourselves

[0:11:02] – Holding someone accountable to expectations

[0:12:39] – Situations where Tom has to promote someone to guest

[0:13:07] – Tom reflects on the road ahead; his goals & dreams

[0:14:03] – Thank-you and goodbye

[0:14:19] – Outro

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