Ep. 84 – The Whole Thing with Steffanie Peterson

Our special guest is an author, manager and dear friend. Steffanie Peterson is also one of the most courageous people I know.

On Episode 82, you heard 9 mins. of her wisdom. That was “The Main Thing.” Today you get “The Whole Thing.”

Now, in this 25-minute show, you’ll get more of my conversation with this bold dynamo, who’s also a gifted and hilarious storyteller.  The Whole Thing brings you a less edited, more organic version of my inspiring and laughter-filled conversation with Steffanie Peterson. 

Get ready for an lively look at her personal journey, including taking risks and making a bold, calculated leap. Steffanie shares lessons to help us re-discover our hopes & dreams and live a life that’s truly meaningful.

Bio (in case you missed Ep. 82)

A West Virginia native, Steffanie Peterson is a single mother, who took on the biggest challenge of her life, when she relocated her Broadway-dreaming daughter to the bright lights of New York City. By day, Steffanie manages a busy plastic surgery center in Manhattan on 5th Ave. By night, she manages the career of her daughter, the talented vocalist Hannah Jane. In her spare time, Steffanie focuses on her writing. This published author is currently working on her second book, titled “The Hot Mess Express: Flying Solo.”


Steffanie’s book “The Hot Mess Express – The Peterson Girls Adventures”

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