Do SometHing Good for Your Most Valuable Asset: Your Mind

We are entrepreneurs. 

We’re founders. 


We are growth-minded.

We’ve sacrificed.


We hustle … and grind. We work our butts off. We produce. And there’s nothing wrong with any of those qualities. In fact, they’re primary attributes of success.

Yet, if you are anything like me, we tend to place almost everything ahead of taking care of ourselves. Especially our mental health.

If you are nodding in agreement, know that you are not alone. We are in this together, and you’re in good company

Today represents a new opportunity to restore some balance. Now is a wonderful time for you to do something good for your mental wellness.

This fall, over at The Main Thing Podcast, we’ve packaged up a pair of special 20-minute episodes to help you boost your mental wellness. 

Shawn Lesser focuses on helping men break out of the cycle of overwhelming stress and the tendency to isolate ourselves. Shawn spent decades in the deal-making business, raising capital to fund ventures.You’ll hear about his complete mental breakdown in 2022, as well as incredible authenticity, wisdom and a bias for action. Listen to Episode 97.

Sheila Tully helps midlife women understand and boost their emotional well-being. Sheila is a co-founder and former CEO of a tableware fashion brand who sought and found healing. It was so life-changing that she launched a new career to help others learn the very things that saved her. You’ll hear depth, confidence and depth of wisdom. Listen to Episode 98.

Regardless of your gender, we encourage you to listen to both. Each episode offers valuable learning, in the form of tips, techniques and fresh perspectives to help you. Give yourself a chance to get unstuck, restore inspiration or change the course of your thought patterns. You’ll find each epsiode to be insightful and uplifting.

After you’ve listened, you’ll want to share this wisdom with another entrepreneur, a friend or family member who might need the same boost.

If you have questions, or wish to share feedback, please send it via email to “info at the main thing podcast dot com.”

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